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Crazy Experimenter

  • These 5 tools will help you ! V.5
  • These 5 tools will help you ! V.4 FB: INSTAGRAM:
  • How to make a Plasma / Arc Pen !!!!

    In order for the vessel to burst evenly, it is necessary to monitor the density of the attachment of the wire to the walls of the vessel (avoid sagging). CREDIT Rough Hands and Unusual Ideas...
  • LED to an AC outlet πŸ”“ 110-220V πŸ”“

    How to connect the LED to an AC outlet
  • These 5 tools will help you ! V.3
  • How To Make a Police Strobe light

    FB: INSTAGRAM: Main channel: ___ Welcome to my channel Roman UrsuHack where...
  • These 6 gadgets will help you! https://goo...
  • πŸ”΄ Amazing ideas! πŸ”΄

    PCBWay Download 555 Door Bell Gerber file NE555 ...
  • How To Make a Mini Powerful Home-Made Microscope

    Mini camera module from ELP Official Also you can buy it from FB: INSTAGRAM: https://in...
  • These 6 tools will help you ! V.2 11.11 China Black Friday Biggest Promotion: 11.11 Bags: 11.11 Lucky Box: Xiaomi...
  • These 3 tools will help you!

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