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exurb1a   2 January, 2017

Download Youtube: Brilliant Accidents

  New book: 
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Did you like the outro music? If so, you can listen to it on my soundcloud page. If you didn't, you can still listen to it. I guess. ►

The track was heavily inspired by Attagirl’s ‘Soundtrack 01’. She kindly allowed me to borrow from it. Please go and say hello ►

The main piece was the Overture from Can-Can, by Offenbach:

If you’re interested in entropy, it has been explained before considerably better than I could ever hope to: – Crash Course Explanation – Sixty Symbols   – Minute Physics 


It’s misleading to make out entropy is just the universe’s tendency towards disorder. Like most things in physics, it’s much bigger than that, and more convoluted. But ‘winding down’ is a big part of it nevertheless. Order can also spontaneously rise out of entropy though, which was certainly news to me. More about that here:

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