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exurb1a   18 June, 2016

Download Youtube: Britain Leaving the EU - For and Against


Several days ago I uploaded a version of this video which somewhat implied (courtesy of Talisker whisky, and being a general idiot) that Southern Ireland (the Republic of Ireland, if you prefer) is part of the UK. I've fixed it up since then, but the patriotic damage is done. Massive apologies to the Irish among you who saw that at the time. You probably felt how I would if someone tried to make out Stephen Fry is Australian. It was quite embarrassing, and to make up for it I'd gladly buy you all a pint. One at a time though please. Two at a push. 


There are also some inaccuracies with how Germany is depicted on the European map. All I can say is: Entschuldigung on behalf of myself and Photoshop; no offence meant whatsoever.  

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Knock knock.
Who's there?
Europe. Can we come in?
No, don't worry, we were just leaving anyway. 

The music is The Blue Danube Waltz, by Strauss. Ain't it nice?

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