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  • What If the Sun Disappeared Right Now?

    Only thanks to the Sun life, as we know it today, exists. But what would happen if the Sun disappeared like right now? How long would we be able to survive ...
  • What If The Earth Were Twice As Big?

    What if, in a split second, the Earth doubled in size? Click here to see more videos: Life Noggin is a weekly animated ...
  • What if Serena Went to Alola?

    There are a lot of Amour shippers out there including myself and I think the majority of us would love to see what it's like to see if Serena came to Alola. We all ...
  • What if the Sahara Was Green?

    9000 years ago the Sahara wasn't a desert, but a vast grassland populated by various people. We've only known a dry Sahara, but what if it never dried up?
  • Jason Derulo - What If (OFFICIAL)

    Jason Derulo's brand new album “Everything Is 4” is available now on iTunes! Download it here: The new album features ...
  • What If Everyone Disappeared EXCEPT You?

    What if Every Human Disappeared EXCEPT You? SUBSCRIBE; 2nd Channel; Twitter; ...
  • What If Jake Paul Was President?

    Official Life's Biggest Question Video: What If Jake Paul Was President Subscribe To Life's Biggest Questions: Support Us On PATREON: ...
  • G-Eazy - What If (Audio) ft. Gizzle

    G-Eazy new album "When It's Dark Out" Available Now! Get it on: iTunes: Stream on Spotify:
  • What If The World Was One Country?

    What if the whole world was just one country? How much money would everybody have if we divided it? What would be the most common vegetable?
  • What if You Are Buried Alive?

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  • What If the Whale Swallowed You Alive?

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  • What if American Slavery Never Existed?

    The Atlantic Slave Trade changed the demographics of the world forever and connected three continents. The act of slavery itself was so horrific it's affects are ...
  • What If The Moon Exploded?

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