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  • Nickelback - Rockstar (Lyrics, HD)

    The Song "Rockstar" from Nickelback with English Lyrics. Made by Lyrics Channel. Rate, Comment and subscribe :) Thank's for watching.
  • Nickelback Lyrics: Real or Fake?

    Today we find out if Link is a Nickelback amateur or a secret Nickelback devotee. GMM #1218 Don't miss an all new Ear Biscuits: Watch ...
  • Nickelback - Lullaby (lyrics)

    I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. I made this video the day I came home from hospital. Enjoy. Lyrics: Well, I know the feeling Of finding yourself stuck out on the ledge ...
  • Nickelback lyrics

    Hey everyone! This is a playlist of all the lyric videos I have made of the band Nickelback. The songs of singer Chad Kroeger alone or songs where Chad ...
  • I'd Come for You - Nickelback *Lyrics*

    For a guy, who doesnt even care. Don't leave rude comments. I know my lyrics are wrong, but thats because I made this video before I had to go somewhere.
  • Someday - Nickelback Lyrics

    First lyric video. Wheee. I do not claim to own anything, etc, etc. Lyrics are in the description box as well. ^_^ Enjoy! How the hell did we wind up like this?
  • Nickelback - Animals (lyrics)

    SONG CREATORS & OWNERS: NICKELBACK* Soon i will post the full 1440p HD version with lyrics. Subscribe and check back!
  • Far Away - Nickelback - Lyrics

    Far Away - Nickelback - Lyrics --- This time, This place Misused, Mistakes Too long, Too late Who was I to make you wait Just one chance Just one breath Just in ...
  • Nickelback This afternoon lyrics

    Nickelback's song, This afternoon. Original Post: 8/13/10 Day Made : 6/7/10 If you request a song with lyrics, I will try to make it within a week if I have the song ...
  • S E X with lyrics By Nickleback

    There are mistakes in this video. If you don't like it, don't watch the lyrics and just listen to the song. I got the lyrics from a website and didn't bother to verify.
  • Home by Nickelback | Lyrics

    Nickelback's new album, Feed The Machine was released (today) June 16, 2017, and I wanted to ensure lyric videos were accessible to everyone! Plus, making ...