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  • Signs Your Friend Is A Metalhead

    How to tell if your friend is really a metalhead or just being annoying. Music by Injustice:

    If you or a loved one has been struggling with coming out as a metalhead, don't worry. You are not alone. Millions of people around the world feel the same way you do. I hope this video has...

    We also get dirty looks at the mall. SONG: Broken Trust by DERAIGN Follow us on shit! Twitter: @jhofffilms Instagram: @jhofffilms Snapchat:...

    Well, one thing I learned this year in school is that just because somebody is emo does not mean they are automatically a metalhead who likes the same music as me. But I pray I will find some...
  • Metal "Facts" According to a Non-Metalhead

    Help support this channel For private Sensei Sessions via Skype -----------------------------------------------...
  • Metalhead - Trailer (deutsch)

    FSK: 16 Ragnar Bragasons starkes Coming-of-Age-Drama METALHEAD zeigt, wie eine gebrochene Seele ihrem Schmerz Ausdruck verleiht, weil sie keiner verstehen will. Die Rebellion einer Teenagerin...
  • When A Metalhead Falls In Love

    When a metalhead knows he has found "The One." Song: Spite - Misery For More: Subscribe! Instagram: @instagrambreakdowns Facebook: Dead Tempo Music ( )
  • Shit Metalheads Say (Official Video) Very Funny!

    Watch this if you wanna laugh your ass off! ClownX impersonates a day in the life of a Metalhead. But not just any metalhead, a ballsy, ego driven, and aggressive metalhead to say the least!...
  • How To Make Metalhead Friends

    Karpizzle learns the dangers of wearing a metal T-shirt in public Follow us on shit! Twitter: @jhofffilms Instagram: @jhofffilms Snapchat:...
  • Top 5 DUMBEST Questions to Metalheads

    In today's video I've decided to compile a list of the stupidest questions that I've ever been asked on the topic of being a metalhead. End Card Song: Black Majesty - Curse The Flesh Want...
  • Metalhead Girl RANT

    Very ignorant video, BUT IT"S TRUUUEUEEEEE but omg I FEEL SO BAD because the girl i was talking about answered me right when i uploaded this so please ignore what i say about her i feel terrible lmaoo.

  • How To Date A Metalhead

    Sarah learns what it's like to date a metalhead while Chris realizes what it's like to date a non metalhead. Check out Sarah's web series here: Facebook: https://www.faceb...
  • When You See A Fellow Metalhead In Public

    Wenn Sie einen anderen Metalhead in der Öffentlichkeit sehen Check Out My Others Videos, I'm Sure You Gonna Like It. How Drunk People Do Things
  • Female Metalhead Problems

    Ugh. Angst. i am not a feminist I also feel like i have made this video before but whatevah. also in case you have metal shit u don't want anymore, my PO box is 204 Wilmot, WI 53192-0204 ~thanks!
  • The Metalhead Vs. The Emo Kid by Kelly Magovern

    I originally made and released this video back on June 25, 2006, on my old YouTube channel. It's just a joke video. Don't take it seriously. Oh, and to people wondering why my "hair" (which...
  • Metalhead Stereotypes Debunked

    Big Dan & Little Dan discuss some stereotypes about Metalheads, Apologies for the half arsed video! content will be back to its full arse next week Facebook:
  • On Being a Metalhead in High School

    Just my thoughts on how my interests have shaped me socially and helped me mature as I've made my way through high school. I don't own the rights to the music in this video.
  • Metalheads Go Primark

    Big Dan & Little Dan are off on another adventure to find clothing.......again... Facebook: Instagram:
  • Metalhead Box: November 2017 One Year Anniversary

    Facebook: Instagram: Patreon: Patrons: Tucker...
  • METALHEAD Trailer | Festival 2013

    Acclaimed Icelandic filmmaker Ragnar Bragason (Children, Parents) directs this darkly comic drama about a grief-stricken young woman who adopts the persona — and decibel-blasting predilections...