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  • The Missing Princess Crown!

    This weeks theme is Princess. Kaelyn does a skit for you about a Princess named Fiona who receives a beautiful crown. But something terrible ...
  • Harvey Weinstein's Elf

    With each new report about Harvey Weinstein's alleged crimes and abuses of power, the list of his accusers continues to grow. As of today, dozens of women ...

    Perversão: a forma erótica do ódio, do psiquiatra norte-americano Robert Stoller, é um clássico contemporâneo, que permitiu uma volta à razão na discussão ...
  • Drake - Fake Love ( Cover )

    Creds to: Mega Karaoke Songs Drake - Fake Love | Like & Subscribe ❤ Instagram: Jandraa_lucia & alejandralucia_ Watch my other covers.