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  • Polishing a Rusty Knife

    EQUIPMENT I use on my channel that you can buy online (Amazon affiliates links) ―Sharpening Stone― Shapton (Green #2000): Japanese King Knife Sharpener Whetstone...
  • Knives you don't hand to people

    Thinking about knives that I preferred not to hand anybody who isn't experience with knives there's three classifications anyone supervise and no one Knives from left to right: .Spyderco Delica...
  • Forging a Knife From A Pipe Wrench

    Forging a Knife From A Pipe Wrench I found an old Ridgid pipe wrench at the flee market and decided it was time to forge another pipe wrench knife. I wanted...

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  • What is The Cheapest Knife in CS:GO?

    Sites Used in the video: CS.Money OPSKINS: You have to copy paste the opskins link in your browser for it to work, YouTube just closes the tab otherwise: http://ref.opskins.w...
  • 🔪 New Unboxing Knife

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  • EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree KNIFE VS COCA COLA

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  • Saving A Baby Clown Knife Fish From Extinction

    Hopefully he lives at his new home If you guys want to see my baby clown knife go check out my boy he's posting videos with him.
  • knife news 158

    Джентльмен - Григорьев - на кармане -
  • Knife Making: Nakiri Japanese Knife DIY

    Another Japanese Chef's knife! This shape is inspired by Nakiri knives typical Japanese-style vegetable knife but with a western full tang construction and a general utility bevel geometry....
  • Making a Folding Bullet Knife

    Facebook page Here is how I made a folding bullet knife. This bullet was %100 Inert so it is completely safe.
  • Knife Making - Modern Tanto

    Handmade modern tanto knife from carbon steel, with composite wooden handle and sheath. There I try to explain all steps involved in video of making this knife. ------------------------------------...
  • The Knife - Pass This On

    Official video for 'Pass This On' by The Knife, taken from the album 'Deep Cuts. Video directed by Johan Renck. More info at:
  • The FINAL Knife Game Song

    "The Final Knife Game Song" This is the end of the knife game for me. The COMPLETE Knife Game Album: Support This Channel ▻ TWITTER...

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  • Knife making - Elven blade

    I made this curved clip-point knife as my third knife. The idea was to make a cool looking knife which could be used like a small machete or kukri. I came up with this design. It kind of resembles...
  • Making SERAGA Knife Part 1

    SERAGA KNIFE-SOLD INSTAGRAM- GOOGLE PLUS- SNAPCHAT- slav_20 STEEL New Jersey Steel Baron 3/16 inch (4.76 mm) thick...