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  • 10,000fps!? - The Slow Mo Guys

    Gav smashes mugs in slow motion. But like.... SLOOOWWWWW motion. Follow on twitter!/gavinfree 10000fps!? - The Slow Mo Guys.
  • EEVblog #857 - High Speed Camera Fun

    Dave plays with his new Sony RX100 Mk4 high speed camera that can shoot 1000fps. Blowing up capacitors, fuses, and LED's. And what does a multiplexed ...
  • Chronos 1.4 high-speed camera demos

    Now on Kickstarter! Examples of what Chronos 1.4 can do. Fire, wildlife ...
  • How Phantom Cameras are made

    Gav pays a visit to the lovely folks at Vision Research to see where the world's Phantom cameras are made. Thanks to Phiroze, Toni and everyone else at Vision ...
  • Bullet Time (39,000FPS Slow Motion)

    This week we have a bit of a treat for you guys. This footage was shot at framerates varying between 6900FPS - 39000FPS on a Phantom V12.1 High-Speed ...
  • Unreal Hi-Speed Camera Shots

    Ultra slo-mo cam video compile, from the sonicbomb website check this guys other videos on his site there absolutly great
  • The LIGHT SPEED camera

    Forget the High-speed camera. Now there's the Light-speed camera. Captures images of a traveling laser-beam and freezes it.
  • High Speed Video Compilation

    This is my own compilation of high-speed (high FPS) videos. I may not have access to a Photron high-speed camera, but I make the best of the materials I have.