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  • Entrevista com Gavin Roy | The Noite (08/12/17)

    Na entrevista, ele fala sobre seus vídeos no canal Small Advantages e como decidiu largar uma carreira científica para ensinar inglês na internet. Veja mais em:
  • Rebel Media

    The home on YouTube of The Rebel.
  • Gavin McInnes: The REAL reason I left The Rebel

    (LANGUAGE WARNING) Gavin McInnes thanks for making him famous, but now it's time to move on. MORE: JOIN ***
  • MILO Meets Gavin McInnes

    From Episode 4 of podcast, The MILO Show. MILO's tour, TROLL ACADEMY, begins soon. For tickets, visit: DANGEROUS: The Audiobook available now on Amazon: https://tinyurl....
  • Gavin McInnes: Talib Kweli is Bugging Me on Twitter

    (LANGUAGE WARNING) Gavin McInnes says he doesn't understand why veteran hip hop artist Talib Kweli keeps attacking him on Twitter. MORE:
  • Gavin's goofs

    Oh no! *bird noises* Bollocks! Compilation of Gavin's mistakes in Achievement Hunters' videos. Enjoy! Let's Play Minecraft: Ep. 105 - Enter the Negatower Part 2:
  • SmallAdvantages

    aprendi português sozinho para ajudar você a aprender inglês sozinho! você é #smallista? instagram | facebook | twitter | patreon : @smalladvantages quer me mandar alguma coisa? minha...
  • AH Animated - Gavin's Tiny Squirtle

    Shop new Achievement Hunter merch: Gavin chooses his starting Pokemon and it turns out a little... different than the others'. Join FIRST to watch episodes early: http://bit.l...
  • Gavin McInnes: Heroin is cool

    Gavin McInnes of, who has lost a dozen friends to heroin, looks at who is behind the opioid epidemic. MORE: JOIN
  • Can Gavin Still Fingerboard?

    Can I? CONCERT INFO: December 16, 2017 (This Saturday) - Champs Bar and Grill in Milton Ontario - 3:00pm to 5:00pm - FREE admission with the donation of an unwrapped toy - All proceeds go...
  • Shenanigans - Gavin's Sweet Revenge

    Gavin gets revenge for something Trevor may or may not have done. Join FIRST to watch episodes early: » Get your Achievement Hunter merch: » Subscribe...

    Para conseguir ingressos, vai para no dia 17 de novembro às 10h00! #gavinnobrasil ▻ Fortaleza CE | 20 nov 11h ▻ São Paulo SP | 25 nov 11h ▻ Blumenau SC | 27...

    O americano Gavin Roy do canal SmallAdvantages visita uma rádio brasileira pela primeira vez. Confira! Clique neste link e assista Gavin em desafio da Antena 1:
  • Gavin - Nachley

    Gavin - Nachley COUPLET: Pou al dans fete to bien fiter Selman zamais trouve toi danser Tou les temp to nek assizer Nek to latete li bouz bouzer To bien trouver jalsa seryer Ek cavalier...
  • Between the Games - Gavin's Fresh Breath

    Geoff wants to clean Gavin's mouth, but not in the normal, "boring" way. Join FIRST to watch episodes early: » Get your Achievement Hunter merch: