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  • $100 Bass Guitar Vs. $10,000 Bass Guitar

    Playing a $100, a $700 and a $10000 (yeah, you read that right) bass guitar in one solo. Which one is your favourite? Leave a comment! :) In this video I am ...
  • See the world's most expensive guitar

    Would you pay $1 million for a new guitar? Fender just introduced such a model at the NAMM show, an iconic Straocaster with 550 diamonds. Jefferson Graham ...
  • The worst vintage bass guitar in the world

    This is a demonstration of a vintage musical instrument, the worse bass guitar I ever saw. I bought it, I sold it, but I thought I'd create a small video to remember it.
  • The World's Worst Bass Guitar

    FOR SALE: Any money made from this auction will go ...

    Guitars: BC Rich: Cherrystone: Musil: Guitar Tone: You can buy my ...
  • Up Close With A Curator: Octobasse

    Join curator Colin Pearson on a descriptive journey of one of the most famous objects at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
  • Top 5 Budget Bass Guitars

    See our extensive range of budget basses (up to £250) here
  • World's most expensive bass player

    entering the recording studio. He gets 3000 $ per hour, but he is worth every single note ;-) Der teuerste Bassist der Welt betritt das Studio. Er bekommt 3000 ...
  • cheap bass guitar vs expensive bass

    I have newer Bass shoot out featuring these guitars. You can find it here This is exactly what the title say's, ...