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  • Casualty - Series 32 Episode 15

    Connie's illness starts to noticeably affect her work, but she continues to brush away Charlie's support. Max, growing tired of his lack of love life, is given hope when attractive new coffee...
  • Casualty - Series 32 Episode 16

    Elle has a shock in store for Jacob. Rash questions his future as a doctor after treating an old girlfriend. Aired, 09/12/2017 My Twitter: No copyright infringeme...
  • Casualty - Series 32 Episode 13

    A flashback to the secret story of Dylan and his surprise journey with Robyn's ex-fiance Glen. Aired, 18/11/2017 My Twitter: No copyright infringement is...
  • Casualty - Series 32 Episode 14

    Ethan takes Connie for her first day of chemotherapy. Not wanting to show nerves or weakness, she bats Ethan away by putting him in charge of the ED. To Robyn's horror, Glen gets a job as a...
  • Casualty - Series 32 Episode 3

    Ethan struggles to put the past behind him, while Iain meets Lily's family, and Dylan's moral compass gets him in a tight spot. Aired, 02/09/2017 My Twitter:
  • Casualty - Series 32 Episode 12

    Ethan wrestles with his guilt, while Connie makes a drastic decision over her treatment. Aired, 11/11/2017 My Twitter: No copyright infringement is intended,...
  • Casualty - Series 32 Episode 4

    Dylan contacts Sanosi's uncle, Kamal, and arranges to meet him with Sanosi at a block of flats where he lives. Dylan says a final goodbye to Sanosi, and returns to the ED, relieved that Sanosi...
  • Casualty - Series 32 Episode 6

    An anxious Connie focuses on Ethan's consultancy revision while waiting for the results of her tests. Elle meets a potential love interest. Aired, 30/09/2017 My Twitter:
  • Casualty - Series 32 Episode 5

    Sam Nicholls returns to Holby City, alongside Josh, who is acting as Sam's superior for her first few shifts as a paramedic. Iain is surprised upon Sam's return, and questions her over her...
  • Casualty - Series 32 Episode 10

    A near miss with the discovery of Sanosi leaves Dylan at breaking point. David desperately tried to stop his friend making a terrible mistake. Aired, 28/10/2017 My Twitter:
  • Casualty - Series 32 Episode 2

    Conditions at the refugee camp cause a member of the ED team to take drastic action. In Holby, recent events are taking their toll on Jez. Aired, 26/08/2017 My Twitter:
  • Casualty - Series 32 Episode 7

    Connie struggles to deal with the results of her scans and what it means for her future. Dylan is forced to bring Sanosi into the ED. Aired, 07/10/2017 My Twitter:
  • Casualty - Series 31 Episode 43

    The Ellissons are back in the ED creating trouble, while Connie shows off a fixed Grace. Aired, 22/07/2017 My Twitter: No copyright infringement is intended,...
  • Casualty - Series 31 Episode 39

    It is the day of the consultants' interviews, but who is going to lose their job? Lily and Iain are loved up after a night of passion, but how long will it last? Aired, 24/06/2017 My Twitter:...
  • Casualty - Series 32 Episode 1

    As some of the team head to France to help aid efforts at a refugee camp, their experiences leave lasting impressions. At the ED, Connie's world is rocked by sudden news. Aired, 19/08/2017...
  • Casualty - Series 31 Episode 41

    Ethan's obsession with Scott Ellisson comes between his relationship with Alicia, while Connie and Sam's feud puts the team in an awkward position. Aired, 08/07/2017 My Twitter:
  • Casualty - Series 31 Episode 38

    Ethan looks for answers about Cal's last moments as he plans his last goodbye. Aired, 17/06/2017 My Twitter: No copyright infringement is intended, all rights...
  • Casualty - Series 31 Episode 42

    Jez and Mickey's relationship is put to the test, while the team rally to raise money for the Calais trip. Aired, 15/07/2017 My Twitter: No copyright infringement...
  • Casualty - Series 32 Episode 8

    Connie's denial about her condition reaches crisis point, and she forces Ethan to help her. Alicia's driving test approaches at speed. Aired, 14/10/2017 My Twitter:
  • Casualty - Series 28 Episode 13

    Iain is deeply affected when two police officers are involved in an attack, stirring up memories of his past life in the Army. Single father, Callum Bradey (George Sampson) attempts at shoplifting...
  • Casualty - Series 31 Episode 40

    A new registrar arrives for his first shift, sending shockwaves through the ED. David enlists a reluctant Dylan to help turn his fortunes around. Aired, 01/07/2017 My Twitter:
  • Tommy Lee Sparta - Casualty

    "Casualty" by Tommy Lee Sparta. Produced by Anjublaxx, UIM Records & Kingston Elite. Directed by Outherevisuals. @Tommyleesparta @UIMRecords @kingstonelites @hapilos
  • Casualty - Series 30 Episode 1

    Zoe lies under the depths of the freezing water in the lake, held under by the weight of her dress. Dylan makes his way back to shore having survived the explosions on the boathouse. Charlie...
  • Casualty Series 30 Episode 18

    Description. Emmerdale Dailymotion Facebook . Casualty - Series 30 - Episode 18. Casualty Season 30 Episode 4 Cradle to Grave. Casualty Season 30 Episode 18 Join for more TV awesomeness...