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  • 7D 2000 fps (original)

    Second and final slow motion test...It was filmed months ago. Editing is rough because I don't have time to work on details. Edited with Twixtor in After Effects.
  • GOPRO HD and TWIXTOR 2000fps

    EDITED WITH TWIXTOR IN AFTER EFFECTS AND PREMIERE PRO 60 fps 59.94) used twixtor to slow it down 2% song: awolnation: sail backflip slowmotion ...
  • Minecraft 2000 fps!

    Setup: Nvidia Gtx 580, Intel Core I-7 2600k, Windows 7 64-bit, Kingston 8 gb ram, hdd 500 gb, Asus P8Z68-V motherboard, 750 w, Asus bluray/dvd player.
  • Geometry Dash over 2000 Fps

    Don't know if this is actually high or not, but thought it would be neat to show Also Deadlocked takes exactly 1:44 to beat in one attempt??? Coincidence i think ...