With blogging websites picking up steam like never before, many bloggers stepped up on the online scene to share their content with the world.
Butthis is more of a recent feature.
There were not many bloggers previously, and if one could say so, blogging was an art not known to the general public until a few decades back.
Thanks to the internet explosion blogging became known to all and managed to reachthe pinnacle of success in our present days.
But what is blogging exactly and how to start a blog of your own?
Some of you might remember that before the rise of the internet, people used to write down their feelings, thoughts, favorite recipes, etc., in a diary to preserve their memories and pass them on to the next generation.
A blog is somewhat the equivalent to this in our present time.
It is an online diary or journal in which you are free to write and express your true self.
But you need to walk through a small guide before starting a blog and make sure that your writing is attractive to the public.

It is even possible to earn real money with your blogging adventure.
But it is only possible if you have a big audience that is faithful and reads your blog daily.
Are you looking to start a blog?
Here are some basic questions you need to answer before learning how to start a blog for free:
Even though blogging is not rocket science, it is not everyone’s cup of tea.
You need to ask yourself basic questions before you start blogging.
• What interests you?
You cannot start a blog just for the sake of it. You need to be passionate about whichever type of blog you start. Whether it is a travel blog, food blog, fashion blog, etc., it needs to be the best you can offer.
• What is your intention?
This blog will be for earning profit or just for a hobby? If it is the former, you will have to incorporate SEO strategies, and if it’s the latter, you can slowly and gradually pull yourself up on the search engines.
• How will you manage to caress it?
Blogging requires too much effort, and you will have to dedicate a lot of your time to it. Start a blog only if you feel you can continue doing it for the years to come.
• Liability or no liability?
You can post your blog on free sites or own a blog account on paid websites. It all depends on how serious you are about it.
Are you ready to take on the blogging adventure?
Embrace yourself, it’s going to be a rocky ride to the top.