If you are scanning for a holiday location that is sunny, warm, and has a deep historical background, Tuscany is a perfect choice. The ancient villas have been converted into accommodation for tourists. You can visit Florence and Pisa to explore the art and culture of the region. Your itinerary should include a visit to the castles that have superb architecture.
This region is home to seven UNESCO world heritage sites. The castles which you should visit are:
Cacciaconti castle is a castle located in the medieval town of Trequanda. This place was an important place of power. The castle was built during the 13th century by the Caccioconti family. The castle is situated on a hill and is above the town. The structure has five towers, which encircled the town. It has three gates to connect to the central tower. However, the castle was destroyed during the second world war and was then restored.
The Rocca of Tentennano was built in the 1200s when Sienna ruled the area. CoccoSalimbeni was the one who held the fort for military purposes until the 16th century when Florence defeated Siena. Over the years, this castle lost its importance. The castle has lovely views of the valley and architectural prominence. Even after hundred years, this castle is the same as it was before.
Brolio Castle was the center for bitter conflicts between Siena and Florence. It had endured extensive damage during the various battles and second world wars. You can take a tour of this beautiful fort and visit the Chianti wine tasting (degustazione vino chianti), the region’s largest vineyard.