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  • #MeToo for Alpha Males: The NFL Networks Version

    NFL TV, ESPN Suspend Five Ex-Players Over Harassment Claims Twitter https://twitte...
  • #MeToo is Coming For YOU!

    Sexual harassment should be treated as a hate crime Twitter...
  • Bitcoin Futures

    How Bitcoin Futures will Affect BTC's Price Stop Talking About Bitcoin's Market Cap
  • Stay in Your Lane CK: Meghan Markle and Libya

    No 'Anti Swirl' Hoteps Care About Slavery in Libya..Just Meghan Markle. Full Report: IOM on how the slave markets in Libya operate http://www.theafrican...
  • Dec 9th

  • Robots and the Retail Apocolypse

    Robotics company gets $25M to bring Amazon-like automation to small retailers
  • Silly Rabbit, : BLM Was Not for You Afterall…”

    Silly Rabbit, Tricks Are for Kids: BLM Was Not for You Afterall…” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D.
  • The Sad Case of Cyntoia Brown

    Advocates Say Cyntoia Brown's Case Is Part Of The 'Sexual Abuse-To-Prison' Pipeline
  • Face it: Boys learn differently than girls

    Face it: Boys learn differently than girls, and that's OK Twitter
  • Trump wants to end welfare as We know it

    Trump wants to end welfare as Bill Clinton knows it Twitter
  • Self-driving cars by 2019

    The driverless revolution may exact a political price General...
  • Beware the High Cost of Free P****

    Commit To The Break Up Free Sex Is The Most Expensive Sex Twitter
  • Castille settlement

    Settlement for Philando Castile's girlfriend will be $800K Castile family reaches $3...
  • An Esoteric Ramble on #METOO

    Early morning ramble on the current kerfuffle arly Hammond Speaks Out About Huff Post Article Allegations Against Jordan Chariton Twitter https://twitte...
  • China's Hand in Zimbabwe

    Coup in Zimbabwe: A win-win for China – for now