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  • How YouTube Treats A Creator Of 10 Years.

    2 days ago YouTube Age-Restricted and Demonetized almost all of my videos. I have tried contacting them and they still have not responded to me. I understand some of my videos are not appropriate,...
  • Bloopers: Bowser Junior's Doll

    Wait... did you think Logan actually put this together and uploaded it? Nope. It was I, the Goat, who put this together. Baaaahhhh Want to start seeing bloopers more often or not really? Yeah,...
  • Jeffy - Why "Music Video"

    BUY THE SONG NOW! Jeffy's music video to his hit song "Why" that was featured in the SML movie "Jeffy the Rapper" Check out the original...
  • Schizophrenia Case Study

    Lance Thirtyacre's Schizophrenia Case Study for University of West Florida Nursing School. This is a class college project we decided to upload.Not canon to the SML videos.
  • Meet The Cast: Chris

    Chris, Pablo, Poobs! Meet the voice of Cody. Brooklyn Guy, and many others!!
  • Meet The Cast: Anthony

    Meet The Cast is a series where we show you a closer look at the SML Cast members! Today we are interviewing Anthony, the newest cast member! Upcoming: Logan, Lovell, Chris, Lance, Elaina.
  • The Bunny Do!

    Hop Like A Bunny Do! Lyrics Oh Hop Hop Hop Like A Bunny Do Oh Hop Hop Hop Like They Always Do Hop Hop Hop Like A Bunny Do And Hop Hoppity Hop!

    Bowser Junior's Military School is coming soon! Pokemon is coming soon! Luigi's Mansion is coming soon! New School Series is coming soon! MLSDA is coming soon!
  • Puppet Closet!

    Here is a look at my closet full of Puppets for videos! http"//
  • SLL Update: Vacation and videos!

    I am leaving on June 28th to go on a Cruise! So I will be gone about a week and a half! But do not worry, I have some videos ready for while I am gone! When i get back from my cruise I am...