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Today's Q106

  • Dog kisses yes or no?

    While attending Dog Paddle 2017 for Capitol K9s I decided to ask these people if they smooch their pooch.
  • Today's Q106 Hole In The Wall Tour

    Every Friday in October we take over a hole in the wall, mom and pop style breakfast diner, we invite the Today's Q106 radio family, the first 106 people through the door her free breakfast,...
  • Jackson Gets Smashed!

    Jackson got a call from the organizers of the Lodi FFA Alumni about driving in their demolition derby, he of course said "heck yeah!" The wonderful people at Bill's Towing got him a truck together,...
  • Paint-a-thon 2017

    Thank you to everyone who volunteered on the Q-Crew for Project Homes Paint-a-thon 2017!!
  • Jackson's Meatloaf Cakes

    Everyone knows the end pieces of the meatloaf are the best but they are always the first to go, well with these meatloaf cakes everyone gets their own end piece! Recipe for Jackson's Meatloaf...
  • Cheap easy way to beat the heat...

    Summer can bring some terrible temps and not everyone can afford air conditioning well with this little device that won't heat up your pocket book could be just what you are looking for, here's...
  • Cold Drinks For Hotties

    It's the beginning of another heat wave here in Madison so the awesome folks at Mantality Health hooked me up with some Gatorade & water, so I grabbed the Q-Van and hit the streets looking...
  • Upstate New Yorkers Try To Say Wisconsin Words

    While on vacation in upstate New York I noticed their accents are similar to that of Wisconsin so I wondered if they could say Wisconsin words... well here's how that turned out... - Jackson.
  • Jackson VS the Ebo & Joe Show

    4th of July is all about america and our favorite food hotdogs, our sister station The Zone was having a hot dog eating contest so jackson had to get in on the action!
  • Cold Drinks For Hot Men and Women

    It was a HOT day in south central Wisconsin and the fine folks are Mantality Health loaded Jackson up with some Gatorade & Water so he hit the streets in search of people working outside!