One question virtually every travel lover has, yet, when contemplating a wine and food tour is; Is it a value for money? If you’re asking yourself that, the answer’s a resounding, yes! However, you’ll also want to make sure that you’ve got your money’s worth and that your chosen tour operator, as much as anything else, can deliver on its promises.
The benefits of a wine tour are numerous, but some of the best include a great way to acquaint yourself with the wine region of the country you’re visiting, meeting and speaking to winemakers and other wine enthusiasts, and sampling some truly exotic wines and have wine experience.
A private bus tour makes all these possible. You’ll have access to everything a regular tourist wouldn’t have – a driver who speak English so you can make your requests in a friendly, native-style manner, meals that are specifically ordered to your personal tastes, and a guide who knows where to take you every step of the way. In short, you’ll arrive at your destination ready to mingle, without being asked to do any hard work. This is often a great way to find out about the history of particular regions and how they were originally cultivated.
Some of the major benefits of wine tours include access to tastings, which should allow you to try several different types of wine. If the touring company has a tasting room, it’ll mean you can sample many different types without worrying about how it will get to your door, and you’ll get to sample many kinds of wine, too. Private bus rental companies often have a tasting room as well, which is another reason they are such a good option if you are on a tight budget. After all, most people who go on wine tours end up back at their hotels or eating out at restaurants, because they didn’t think to explore wine regions in depth.